Liddell Street, Silloth, Cumbria, CA7 4DR

016973 31243

Silloth Primary School

Children Come First


The policy has been established using the following principles:

  • Equality & self-esteem,
  • Respect for self, school and belongings,
  • Smartness,
  • Value for money,
  • Preparation for secondary school.

School Uniform

  • Navy sweatshirt with embroidered logo
  • White polo shirt (logo optional)
  • Black or dark grey trousers, skirts, or shorts for summer
  • Blue and white checked dresses may be worn in the summer
  • Plain, low heeled black school shoes must also be worn with socks.
  • No tracksuit bottoms are permitted
  • No boots or training shoes are permitted  

PE Kit

  • Indoor PE is done in bare feet
  • Plain white tee-shirt must be worn (no logos)
  • Plain blue or black shorts must be worn (no logos)
  • Outdoor P.E. children must wear proper training shoes with laces tied on the outside of the shoe, not tucked in.
  • A plain blue or black tracksuit may be worn for outside PE during winter (no logos)
  • Training shoes must be worn on PE days ONLY.


  • A watch may be worn.
  • ONLY one pair of discreet stud earrings can be worn. Only one stud per ear is allowed and on the grounds of safety the studs should have no sharp edges. All earrings must be removed during PE, games and swimming for health and safety reasons.
  • The wearing of other jewellery, rings, necklaces, bracelets etc. is not permitted in school for health and safety reasons.
  • Pupils will be asked to remove any jewellery.


  • Long hair must be well tied back at all times. This applies to girls and boys.
  • Dyed hair is not permitted
  • Patterns/designs cut into hair are not permitted


  • Nail varnish and make-up is not permitted.
  • A waterproof coat must be brought to school every day.

Identification of Clothing

  • All clothing must be labelled with pupil’s name.




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