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Homework Ideas for Everyone to Enjoy

Phunky Foods 

This week in school we have embarked on our Phunky Foods journey, a whole school, healthy lifestyle curriculum designed to help children have an awareness of and enable them to make healthy lifestyle choices for both body and mind.

This week's focus was the Eatwell plate. We discussed what each section represented as well as the size and contents of each section. 

This week's home learning activity involves children creating their own Eatwell plate which can be done in a variety of different ways. Children could draw and colour the sections on the attached worksheet, paper, or even a paper plate. They could use magazines and fliers from the local supermarkets to collage their Eatwell plate or even take photos of foods from each section either on the weekly food shop or using what you have in the cupboards at home. The choice really is yours.

Each week we will also upload a recipe for you to make as a family and would encourage the children to taste what they have made.

We hope you will all enjoy and support us in our Phunky Foods journey at Silloth Primary School. 

Have fun!

Phunky Foods - Home Learning Ideas - Week 3

Key Stage 1 Idea

Key Stage 2 Idea

From The British Library

Explore the British Library website for many, many superb ideas for engaging children in creative and fun activities.

Remember, on those rainy days through the holidays, you might be very glad of a great activity to keep the children busy & happy!

Go to:

and have a good look around - it's packed full of excellent ideas!

From The National Trust

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