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Silloth Primary School

Children Come First

Welcome to Our School

Silloth Primary School is a very special place where each and every child is an important part of our school family and where children come first. 

Silloth’s children are our future and as such must be nurtured, cared for and educated to the highest standards. This is what we aim to achieve.  We have very high standards of behaviour too, that ensures your child is given the best possible opportunity to learn in a happy, safe and calm environment. 

Your child’s happiness is at the heart of everything we do. A happy child will learn well and reach his or her true potential.

Silloth Primary School is not just about core subjects, although, of course these are a very important part of school.  We are passionate about The Arts & sport and about providing your child with

exciting life experiences and enjoyment; it’s about friendship and personal challenges; it’s about learning about yourself and achieving more than you thought possible; it’s about relationships

and commitment and it’s about fun and laughter, of which there is lots, all day long!

Your child will be offered a wealth of opportunities and experiences during their time with us. We hope to prepare them well for their future education and the global workplace by giving them an deeper insight into the world around them. We we aim to broaden horizons, develop social conscience, an understanding & appreciation of difference and diversity and a 'think global, act local' attitude, where children really believe & see that their actions locally can make a difference globally.

A strong partnership between school and home is of the utmost importance to us. It is by working together that your child can move forward successfully on their learning journey. 

We will always welcome you into school and there are many occasions and events throughout the year when the success and achievements of the children are on display for all to see.  Don’t miss out on these occasions, they are magical & should be treasured.

We will always strive to solve any problems as quickly as possible and remember the earlier you alert us to your concerns, the sooner a solution will be found.  Please help us to help you and your child.

I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with you, working together for your child.


Catherine Bellas BA (Hons) with QTS, and NPQH.

Head Teacher