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Health - NHS Pathways

Health Pathway Information For Parents

 The NHS has produced Health Pathways to support parents/carers.  The four Pathways are covering the conditions which result in the highest number of emergency admissions for children. These pathways take the form of guides for parents/carers enabling them to make informed decisions on how to manage their child’s condition and explain when to seek help.

The pathways, which cover; Constipation, Coughs, Colds & Breathing Difficulties, Diarrhoea & Vomiting and High Temperatures, are available electronically via the CCG web page, posters and via inserts in Maternity Red Books given to parents prior to the birth of their child.

As part of the project, the NHS have asked schools to promote, advertise and use the pathways.  Please find below a range of information.  Click on the links below to access the Health Pathway information.