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Tri-Golf Competition - Beacon Hill School - Monday 20th May 2019

I really enjoyed golf because we got to work as a team.  I also got to practice my swing.  We had to chip balls over a high net, see how far we could putt the ball and aim at a target.  It was really fun.

Braedon, Year 5

I enjoyed golf because we had different tasks to do.  My favourite was chipping the ball over a high net.  Overall, I had an amazing time.

Libby, Year 5

I liked the golf tournament because of the mini games.  One was chipping over a net and another was a rest station.  There were other exciting games that we played as well.

Freddie, Year 3

 I enjoyed playing golf with my team mates.  I learnt lots of new skills and we encouraged each other so Year 3 and 4 came in 2nd place!

Nicole, Year 3

Today, I enjoyed going to the golf tournament because there were lots of fun stations.  We placed 2nd but we almost came 1st as first place was only a couple of points in front.

Oscar, Year 4

 We all went to the competition and it was fun because it is something new for me.  I was surprised that we came 2nd because I thought at the start we weren’t doing as well but I was wrong.

Max, Year 4

Cross Country – Beacon Hill School – Monday 25th March 2019

 I took part in a cross country tournament with 20 other students.  We had to run 1.7 miles.  Silloth Primary School’s first race was the Year 3s - they all did well and a few of them got 2nd and 3rd place.  Next was the Year 5s, I personally thought they all did very well.  Moving on to Year 6, this was the race that I was in but unfortunately I did not finish due to my leg injury.  But luckily, Sam and Nicole came 2nd.  It was an all-round good day.

Jake, Year 6

 I had a very great day at cross country.  I came 6th in the Year 5 race and it was really tiring when you finished.  It was really fun with my friends who were very good at it.  Jack came 3rd and the Year 5 race and everybody was cheering for everyone else.  Lots of people were cheering for me.

Layton, Year 5

 I thought it was good because it was fun, it got your body moving and it was good exercise.  It was fun because people that like sprinting can have a good time.  At the tournament we were against other schools.

Jack, Year 5

 I enjoyed cross country because when I got halfway, I started getting really tired but I started pushing myself.  I also enjoyed watching other people run.  We were there for two hours.

Milly, Year 5

 I liked doing cross country because it was different and fun.  I didn’t win but didn’t lose!  I still found it fun and enjoyable.  I wanted to take part in this activity because it sounded exciting!

Jessica, Year 5

 I really enjoyed the tournament but I didn’t like the bit where I got really tired!  I mostly enjoyed it though.  The best part was when we got called out to run down a huge lane but first I was frightened.

Lexie, Year 3

 It was my first time going to a sports competition and I came 9th.  I was very proud of myself because I ran a very long way and I tried my best.  I’d love to do another competition in Year 4.

Sophie, Year 3

 I really enjoyed it and it was lots of fun.  I came 3rd in my race.  I enjoyed being with my friends.

Bridget, Year 3

 On Monday, I went to cross country and I ran with 30 people.  Near the end I dashed quickly.

Kieran, Year 3

 My favourite part was taking part as it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s the taking part that counts.  I had lots of fun and I enjoyed being with my friends.

Joe, Year 3

 Cross country was really fun!  I was very nervous but I came 2nd.  My friends did really well too.

Freya, Year 3

 Cross country was good.  I was tired but it was fun.

David, Year 3

Tennis competition – Silloth Tennis Courts – Monday 18th March 2019

I really enjoyed the tennis tournament even though our team lost, it was still fun.  Our team played really well together and we all tried our best.  All of the other teams tried their best as well and came either first or second place.

Sophie, Year 4

I went to a tennis tournament and we were against West Newton who were hard to beat but we tried!  I really enjoyed it because it was really fun.  My team, Silloth B, came 2nd!  Sophie and I played a match and she won but the scores were 9 to me and 10 to Sophie.  Even though West Newton won, we played well.  Silloth A came 3rd.  Eight of us went and there were 4 of West Newton.  The match was in Silloth at the tennis courts.

Hannah, Year 4

Rugby Competition – Aspatria Rugby Club – Monday 1st October 2018

 In the rugby tournament, I scored a try.  I had fun because we worked as a team.  We did well because we won lots of games.  I would definitely go again because I like sport and I like working as a team.

Nathan, Year 4

 I liked the rugby because I scored a few tries and helped the team out a lot.  I enjoyed it because it was really active and competitive.  It also used a lot of teamwork.

Oliver, Year 5

 I enjoyed the tag rugby because we had to learn how to work together in a team.  It was fun as we got to play against other teams.  We did well because we won a few matches.  I would love to do it next year as it was so much fun.

Libby, Year 5

 I enjoyed the rugby match because I am good at sport.  I think we worked as a team and that’s what matters.  Even though we lost, I loved it so much!  The best part was when we got 1 nil.  On the bus on the way back, we got sweets!

Millie, Year 4

 I liked rugby because you have to be quite fast to be good at it and to score points for your team.  Matthew and I scored one point for our team each but so did the other team so that game was a tie.  I enjoyed meeting some of the people because they were very kind to our team.  The year 5s and 6s played really well in the games they played.  Sadly, we lost all the other games for our team but at least we tried our hardest.

Cole, Year 4

I enjoyed tag rugby because it tests your skill of dodging and catching.  I think we played well as a team and it was a nice day to play it on.  We got to meet new people and see how good they were.  Some teams were really good, some teams beat us by a lot of points.

Max, Year 4                   

I had fun because I tried out a new sport and I also got to meet new people.  I scored two points but they didn’t count because I needed to hold the ball onto the ground instead of just putting it on the ground.  The best thing I liked was just having fun, being able to run around and meet new people.  I challenged myself by trying to get two points and I did.

Matthew, Year 4