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KS2 Tri-Golf Tournament - 22nd May 2017

On Monday, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all went to a golf tournament. Miss Baxter and Mrs Hillhouse took us.  We did lots of different games that involved putting and chipping. In every game, we earned points! Also, in-between those mini activities, we had some little breaks too. Before we started, we all got into groups. Year 3 and 4 went together and Year 5 and 6 were put into a group too. We all had a lovely day and had to rush for the bus at the end!

Phoebe, Year 4

 We played lots of games and I enjoyed it because we got to win points for our team.  We got juice there and some biscuits in the breaks!

Sam, Year 4

 I enjoyed going around trying a new kind of sport. We went round in teams and it was really warm, I enjoyed myself!

Tayla, Year 3

 The part I enjoyed the most was when you got to chip the ball at the target and I got the highest number – six!

Oliver, Year 3

 The tri golf tournament was at Beacon Hill School.  It was pretty good but I didn’t score many points for my team. The rest of the team scored lots of points (over 100). My favourite part of it was where you stood on cones which were worth different points.  You had to putt your ball into a hoop to score points. I hope we get a good score, we didn’t find out the scores because the bus was waiting for us to go back to school.

Overall, I had a very good time and I think we did amazingly well at it. I would do it again if I had a chance.

Ashleigh, Year 5

 The tri golf tournament was really good, however I didn’t score any points because I got the hardest ones to do. However, I’m assuming that we did very well because we got high scores on most of the games. I still enjoyed it even though I didn’t score many points for our team. Hopefully we’ll get the results back soon. The bit I didn’t like was the target practise because I couldn’t get high enough. I always got it too low. The bit I did enjoy was the chipping to the flag because on my first attempt just out of luck I hit the flag.

On the bus, I was nervous and so were the rest of them I think because we were up against most of the teams in Cumbria, most of them were really good.

The bit I was really worries about was the putting because even in real golf I’m quite bad at putting, it’s the same with chipping!

Quite regularly, we got a break and had juice and biscuits. Overall, I had a really good time and I’m sure the rest of the team did too. In the future, I’d like to be in a real golf tournament.

Ethan, Year 5

 Firstly, we got onto the bus. We were all excited but nervous as we were going up against some of the best schools! We arrived at Beacon Hill and were met by the other schools. After this, before we started, we grabbed a quick biscuit to fuel us up for the big competition ahead.

Overall, I think that my team played exceptionally and even if we played bad in one activity, we would always figure the problem out and smash the next one! I think our team was one of the best teams because we were always fair and we were always focused on our target.

I loved the chipping part the best in this tournament, because I thought that I did very well. There was a game where we had to hit the target with a chipper; I thought that everyone did very well on that. In the end, we scored a huge amount of points.

After that, we drove home to Silloth, we were all very proud of each other. We didn’t stay to hear the scores but I know for definite that we did very well.

Lola, Year 6

Year 3/4 Tennis Tournament - 6th March 2017

Yesterday, we took part in a tennis tournament. There were three schools taking part in the competition.  From Silloth, we had 2 teams. Team A came 3rd and Team B came 6th. It was a nerve-wracking day and it didn’t matter if we won or lost, it’s just good that we worked together!

Evie, Year 4

 At the first match, I did well but got beaten. On my second one, I won! Also, everyone did well but when someone else got mad, I beat them because they weren’t concentrating! Our school was split into Team A and Team B, I was in team B and we came 6th. The Year 4s were on our team, it was fun!

Oliver, Year 3

 Yesterday, we took part in a tennis tournament. Silloth B came 6th with 56 points, however, we all had fun and it was a blast! On my first game, I wasn’t very good and then I got better. The last game I played, I drew. The score was 6-6. I loved playing and it was a very fun day.

Bobby, Year 4

 We went to the tennis tournament and we got sorted into different teams. I was in Team B. At first, I wasn’t very good at it but I got better as I played more games. I enjoyed playing tennis because it was fun and I had a good afternoon.

Libby, Year 3

 I enjoyed playing in the tennis competition because my team came 3rd! We played other schools and they were really good at tennis.  Every time I played, I got better!

Nathan, Year 3

KS2 Cross Country Tournament - 6th February 2017

On Monday, children out of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to a cross country tournament. Year 3 and 4 ran 2 miles, Year 5 ran 4 miles and Year 6 ran 6 miles.  In the tournament for Year 4, 21 girls ran.  I came 2nd, there was a very fast girl in front of me because she came first!

When I was halfway through, there was a very muddy road which Year 6 had to run all the way down but Year 3 and 4 only did half of where they had to run!

After the tournament had finished, we all went to the hall at Beacon Hill to get our certificates.  Finally, we were on the way home back to Silloth Primary.

Phoebe, Year 4

 We had to run so far.  Year 1 went first then it went all the way up to Year 6! I came 12th in my year group and drew with Liam.  Sam came 3rd! Then we went into the school hall to receive our certificates, I was so tired!

Jake, Year 4

It was hard running in the tournament because you had to run up lanes.  I got a stitch but I really enjoyed myself because I got to experience what it must have felt like in the Olympics!

Emmie, Year 3

The tournament was difficult because we had to run up and down hills and they were very muddy and slippy.  I fell over and was covered in mud but I got straight back up again and kept on running.  I came 8th and I feel very proud of myself.  Even though I felt tired, I still enjoyed myself and want to do more competitions!

Ruby, Year 3

KS2 Tag Rugby Tournament - 12th September 2016

 I went to the tag rugby tournament at Aspatria RUFC.  I was really happy and it was really fun.  The game required lots of team work and it was a bit hard against the other teams but at least we had fun.  All of the games were fair and very fun.

 Jack, Year 5

 When I went to the rugby tournament, it was a good day out.  The score was 11-10 to us and we won 2 games.  I really enjoyed the game because I got to play sport with my friends.

 Liam, Year 4


At the tag rugby tournament, we had lots of fun but unfortunately we lost (Year 3/4).  The Year 5/6 team won though!

 Oliver, Year 3

 At the tournament we played tag rugby and we won one round but we didn’t win any other.  We came 6th but I loved playing it.

 Libby, Year 3


 KS2 Football Tournament – 3rd October 2016

 I was very happy that I was involved in the football tournament.  In my team was Jake, Sam, Aiden, Phoebe and me.  I loved it so much because it’s my favourite sport!

 Nathan, Year 3

 We went to Beacon Hill School for a football tournament and we were against many schools. There were teams from Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 from our school. It was a fair game and we all had so much fun playing it. My team came 5th.

 Shannon, Year 5

 It was fun when we were playing even though we came last. I nearly scored a goal but Max was best. The other teams were really hard to beat but it was good.

 Summer, Year 4